Sunday, January 30, 2005


JFK's Spinning in His Grave...

Well, the Iraq elections are over, polls have closed, and it went better than any of us really dared hope for. 72% turnout, they're saying. Amazing. Of course, it's a 28% drop from the last election, but in this one you could vote your choice without getting killed.

This, I think, is what our foriegn policy should be all about. Bringing freedom to where there's nothing but tyranny, bringing hope to the oppressed... You know, all the things that people on the left are supposed to want. So let's take a look at the top stories on the major leftist blogs:

Talking Points Memo posts on:
The centrality of the social security debate to the Democratic party.
Sen. Evan Bayh's apperance on the Stephanopoulos show on ABC this Sunday.
Bush's attempts to get social security legislation passed.

Daily Kos posts on:
An open thread.
A win on media consolidation rules.
A summary of the Sunday talk shows

"Bush kills, Laughs-wise we mean."
"Give That Girl a Bloggie!"
"Hit Parade: Back Again"
(To be fair, Wonkette doesn't seem to make weekend posts. But there's no mention of the election on her page except for a Blog Ad from the UN.)

Democratic Underground:
"Who's Paying for all this Freedom?"
"Blog Box", (A story on how Blogs can help fight Election Fraud.)
"Ex-Clinton Aide Harold Ickes Backs Dean for DNC"

NOTHING. Not a single post. Do they not care? Are they just ignoring it because they think it'll make Bush look good?
This is just saddening. The party that used to be about freedom and democracy is now more interested in sniping and social security.
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