Sunday, May 22, 2005


Nope, we're not Anti-American...
Riding Sun linked to a copy of a recent issue of the Japanese newsweek, which features an american flag snapped in half and thrown in a trashcan. Clicking on the link he offers takes you to the following table of contents, translated from the Japanese:

-The day America died:
Bush spoke of "The expansion of liberty", but the world no longer looks to America as the "Country of Freedom."
New proof of America's decay in every field is examined.

America: The ideals of a second term and the reality of the world.
During his second term inagurational speech, American President Bush offered a vision of the expansion of liberty throughout the world. But as the chaos in Iraq makes clear, practical plans are far more neccessary than ideals. It is upon this point that Bush's ability to achieve historical accomplishments rests.

Viewpoint: When the country of dreams, America, rots away
The era where America was looked up to as a land of freedom and equality is over. The sparkle of the American Dream has dissapeared, and now anti-American feeling and the influence of the EU are on the rise. The cause of America's decline is examined from political, economic, and foriegn policy perspectives.

Interestingly enough, the issue also includes this popular regular feature:
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